Libya report: A case of *premature congratulation* for Camcorderdirect?

Back later in the day.. when I recover from the natural  nitrous oxide provided by our ‘political masters’…

Libya: Saif al-Islam and Mohammed Gaddafi, the dictator’s sons, escape capture

Telegraph: Saif al-Islam, Colonel Gaddafi’s heir apparent, emerged defiant at his father’s Tripoli compound hours after reports of his arrest by rebel forces.

As the old saying goes.. you could not make it up.  And… what was a prosecutor at the ICC doing CONFIRMING reports of Saif al-Islam’s arrest?

2 thoughts on “Libya report: A case of *premature congratulation* for Camcorderdirect?

  1. Stand by for:

    a) much self-congratulation in Whitehall / Downing Street
    b) the insertion of troops into Libya on a “humanitarian mission”
    c) item (b) being led mainly by UK whilst USA stands on the sidelines
    d) plenty of money being given by UK to Libya
    e) Libya remaining an Islamic State with a hard(er) line government – (cf Egypt)
    f) The USA somehow, miraculously, obtaining oil concessions since Blair’s “deal in the desert” is not dead.

    Cynical? Maybe – but history frequently repeats itself as each new generation of politicians steps in.

    Item (a) will, of course, only encourage British politicians to step in somewhere else in the world. They are unbelievable – cannot even get things right in UK.

    Enough for me of this politicking – stick to law.

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