A few sardonic observations and pics on and of Britain in August 2011….

It has been an enjoyable weekend.  I decided to take a few days away from blogging after the podcasts on Thursday last.  I have been doing non-law writing for a couple of weeks – a novel noir….which may or may not be completed.

A few quick screen grabs and pics to sum up this week…. from my perspective..


Louise Mensch…a Tory MP….  amused many of us tonight on Twitter with her  rather absurd snivelling (some said brown-nosing)  tweets proclaiming that the Liberation of Libya was a triumph for Cameron.  Apart from the fact that Cameron was too busy eating sun dried tomatoes in Tuscany… and is now in Cornwall (possibly modelling next year’s Boden HOT SELLERS…..) to liberate anything but a bottle of Chateau Petrus… the French must be given credit for initiating and leading the NATO efforts…. or have we been misinformed..and it was Cameron who drove the entire Libya revolt?

I did, however, enjoy PM Camcorderdirect’s speech earlier in the week…when he reputedly said… “It is time for our country to take stock”.  Indeed…. HD TVs…. trainers….. mobile phones?  That sort of stock?

And then… one of the best Private Eye covers I have seen in over 40 years of reading !…. excellent…

And… a blog post would just not be complete without some parodic observation on our hapless Prime Minister David Camcorderdirect…. who, it has to be said, seems to be away on holiday when the big stories break… Riots last week.. Libya this week…

This… from the front cover of The Daily Mirror for Monday 22nd August.. sums it up rather well?

And… finally.. I had a most enjoyable lunch with The White Rabbit whose blog is always worth reading…. especially for his ‘Knob of the Week” feature..

Have a good week…

2 thoughts on “A few sardonic observations and pics on and of Britain in August 2011….

  1. That was sort-of my point when I suggested to @campbellclaret yesterday that, aside from Cameron doing wonders for the UK tourism industry by calling Britain ‘broken’, these TV pictures were being beamed globally too.

    People have often praised Twitter as to how useful it is in a crisis, for finding out the latest news before anyone else did. Quite frankly, I found it a complete pain. Many people, mainly @HouseofTwits social media ‘award winners’, were saying that people were either dead or ‘on the way out’, when they weren’t. I find this aspect of political commentary on Twitter not only inaccurate but also distasteful.

  2. don’t you think the country would be in a better state if instead of spending 2 weeks on holiday and the rest of the time making asinine comments about how it’s all the fault of the human rights act, dave spent 50 weeks on holiday?

    and i seriously doubt cam (as a row of tents) would know a decent vintage of petrus if it were to assume life, bend him over and bugger him in the presence of the entire cabinet. i also note he spent a day at the test – hope he paid for his own tickets. even reading the reports of his appearance on tms kinda ruined (for me anyway) england’s summer hitting the top of the rankings.

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