Breaking News: A Doctor’s view on PM Camcorderdirect’s attack of Kneejerkitis StreptoDailyMailocockus

AND then.. our revered leader comes up with yet another stunt….

Independent article: Exclusive: PM’s plan to import US adviser angers police chiefs

But my favourite commentary on the astonishing behaviour of our Prime Minister is this EXCELLENT…. *Open Letter to David Cameron’s Parents* about the riots…  please do read… well worth your time…

And…finally… I do hope this latest strain of the kneejerkitis StreptoDailyMailocockus virus  doesn’t go viral… but with people like Nadine Dorries and other assorted Coalition MPs ruining running our lives…. I suspect we could be in for a pandemic… 

7 thoughts on “Breaking News: A Doctor’s view on PM Camcorderdirect’s attack of Kneejerkitis StreptoDailyMailocockus

  1. interesting the subplot going on between the police and the govt. is it just me or is it most likely to be about nothing more than budget cuts. honest question – i just can’t see any other agenda that could be driving it. tim godwin is going in hard on dave. pissed off that they were prevented from policing it how they wanted? then even more pissed off that dave swans in and criticises them cos some wonk tells him not to appear too hard right? pretty legit grumbles i guess.
    what doesn’t strike me as legit is (1) the rhetoric of ‘we are gonna come and beat the crap outa you crims – this is personal’ that (i think) godwin employed and (2) the calls for tougher sentences by the courts. tim, you know fuck all about law and i know fuck all about policing so here’s the deal – keep your fat gob shut about what the courts should do and i’ll keep my oafish thoughts on policing to myself. cool?

  2. Kneejerkitis StreptoDailyMailocockus (KSDM) can be partially cured by doses of a truth serum that reveals to the sufferer the startling secret that humans can be a bit of a bad lot given half the chance (and they were given many chances last week).

    The supporting evidence for the world view illuminated by the KSDM truth serum is:

    1. All of human history.
    2. A programme that appears regularly on tv and radio called “The News”.

    The KSDM truth serum also reveals that, as well as often not being very pleasant, humans also like nicking things, especially en masse when given half the chance – and not necessarily because they come from broken homes, lack a “father figure” or are members of parliament.

    Trials of the drug induced hallucinations about the sinking of a ship called the Napoli off the Devon coast in 2007 when people travelled the length of the country to get their hands on a free BMW bike with a bit of salt water patina and all manner of other booty washed up on Branscombe beach. People even started nicking wheelie bins from the locals’ gardens.

    Takers of the serum have also reported recalling that lots of young men like a fight, as anyone who regularly attended football matches in the 70’s and 80’s will tell you.

    Sadly there have been few takers for the drug, with patients preferring instead to babble in tongues about a “Broken” Society that until just over a week ago was “Big” and hankering after the good old days when there wasn’t a society at all.

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