The broom is more powerful than the vandal

We have all seen the footage.  Those who live in London are fully aware of the extent of the rioting and I do not need to comment on or add to the extensive coverage in blogs and the media.  David Allen Green, on his Jack of Kent blog, has covered  the issues and Laurie Penny on her blog, also.

What I will say… This widely circulated  picture of  Clapham Junction this morning – not far from where I live in Battersea – from @Lawcol888 is excellent.….. *Applauds*

8 thoughts on “The broom is more powerful than the vandal

  1. Well said, and a brilliant picture to go with it. It just goes to show that despite all the violence and horrible scenes that we saw during the riots, the sense of community that inspired the clean-up operations stood strong throughout. It’s great to see a positive come out of such a negative series of events in the UK.
    Katie Leaver, London Loves Jobs

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