Lawcast 190: On the death penalty with Professor Gary Slapper

Lawcast 190: On the death penalty with Professor Gary Slapper

Political blogger Guido Fawkes wants to bring back the rope for murder – child and cop killers in particular – and has set up a petition.  This petition was immediately countered by another petition to retain the ban.  last time I looked the retain the ban on the death penalty was doing rather better than Mr Fawkes’ hang ‘em high petition.

I am against the death penalty – and have made this more than clear on my blog.  Today I am talking to professor Gary Slapper of The Open University about the issue….

Listen to the podcast

Apologies for some interference on Skype.  Heavy rain while recording and signal affected.


And…thank you to Cassons For and  David Phillips & Partners Solicitors , Contact Law UK Solicitors for sponsoring the podcast and the free student materials on Insite Law.

4 thoughts on “Lawcast 190: On the death penalty with Professor Gary Slapper

  1. Some of the sound problems were due to skype. Most of them however were caused by mobile phones, please turn them off or put them in an other room. Like the podcast though. (not a lawyer, just slightly nerdy)

  2. i think i read there was a petition calling for there-introduction of the death penalty for those who post petitions calling for the re-introduction of the death penalty… that’s the stuff.

    guido really is a silly sod and well worth ignoring. or mocking, if people prefer.

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