4 thoughts on “A Day in the life of Chancellor Osbore…..

  1. First the winter was too cold. Now we are told that April was too warm. What range of temparatures are conducive to economic growth? Is the absence of economic growth related to climate change? I think we should be told.

    The Royal Wedding also subtracted from growth, we are told. I thought the Monarchy generated tourism and hence income for the UK. My holiday let was occupied by US citizens during the Wedding so we generated export earnings in that period (ie we earned foreign currency). If the monarchy is causing harm to the UK economy should it not be abolished?

  2. I am not an economist but are some of the true causes of lack of growth not obvious?

    VAT at 20% – (put up by Osborne); lack of incentives to start business; low interest rates (so that savings are earning nothing); high inflation rate (5% – eating away at the value of savings) and fuel prices which continue to rise despite massive profits for the utility companies. Then there is all the overseas aid and the costs of the military in Afghanistan and Libya.

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