#WithoutPrejudice Special podcast: Tom Harris MP on #Hackgate et al…

Today I am talking to Tom Harris MP, Glasgow South’s Labour member at Westminster,  to shed some light on the workings of Select Committees and the extraordinary resignations and arrests in relation to the News International scandal.

* The work and powers of Select Committees

*The need for care to avoid prejudicing the inquiry and any future possible criminal trials

* The questioning of the Murdochs and Rebekah Brooks at the CMS Committee  on Tuesday 19th July 2011

* The resignations of Stephenson and Yates and the position of Prime Minister Cameron re Coulson

* The political landscape pre and post #Hackgate

Listen to the podcast

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2 thoughts on “#WithoutPrejudice Special podcast: Tom Harris MP on #Hackgate et al…

  1. I use a Zune mp3 player & despite updating the software, I cannot download this particular podcast as the file format is apparently unsupported by my device. I’ve never had this problem with your other podcasts & was v keen to hear your interview with Tom Harris & this afternoon’s Hackgate podcast with David Allen Green.

    If there is something you have recently altered about your podcasts, could you pretty please, revert to the old format?

    (Yes, I know Zunes are uncool, but it was free.)

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