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A truly extraordinary performance by Andy Hayman – who was, before nipping off to work for News International two months after leaving the Metropolitan Police,  responsible for the safety of our realm and counter-terrorism. he did not say… “You slaaaag..” but he certainly gave a good impression of his suitability to appear in a re-make of The Sweeney… 

His response to being asked if he had taken bribes from News International is a classic. 

Simon Hoggart summed it up rather well..

Andy Hayman stars at phone-hacking committee session

The then top copper in charge of the first inquiry must be given his own sitcom

Coming up tomorrow…

#WithoutPrejudice podcast tomorrow night with @John_Cooper_QC @cashjoanne @davidallengreen @carlgardner #NoTW – The Leveson Inquiry et al… and the possible criminal law implications for hackers, corrupt police and liability, if any, under s. 79 RIPA et al for News International and employees.

I also hope to do a Without Prejudice special with a US lawyer and professor to discuss the legal implications in the US for News Corporation  – if any.

On Friday – I will be doing a Without Prejudice special with a well known MP to get a parliamentarian view on the extraordinary events of this week.

4 thoughts on “Law Review: Coming up tomorrow on #WithoutPrejudice podcasts

  1. Something for your podcast. Mr Brown tells us about his bank account being ‘blagged’ and such … what would the panel’s opinion be if this procedure had unearthed some massive bribe, or other impropriety?

  2. Whom can this committee compel to appear? According to the BBC it can only compel UK citizens. But it’s hard to trust the BBC on this, since there is no such thing as UK citizenship: British citizenship excludes Australian citizenship, but Australian (and other Commonwealth) citizens are British subjects. And British subjects in the UK can vote for Parliament, stand for Parliament and sit in Parliament. But I know only the law according to Wikipedia; is there any chance of hearing from someone with professional knowledge?

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