And we lead the world…as the revelations / revulsion(s) continue on #NoTW etc etc

It would appear that the latest (of many more to come?) revelation involves Royal Protection Squad offciers flogging info to #NoTW

Pesto has the story: Police officer ‘sold royal family contact details’

Meanwhile…. despite DPM Clegg’s desire for Murdoch to ‘be a good chap’ and ‘do the decent’ thing by withdrawing his bid for BSkYB…

But… all is well… PM Camcorderdirect… in a master stroke of timing…. is re-launching BIG SOCIETY… 

I may as well go back to the caff and eat cheese and tomato sandwiches (toasted) and have a decent glass of wine… laters…. I do hope that nothing awful is happening in the the economy, Europe, Italian collapse and other important matters while the meedja gorge themselves on Rebekah and the desire of many tweeters (RT’s many times)  … to set up a Rebekah’s Law…


BREAKING…  The Evening Standard has THIS>>>>

Hacking exclusive: Queen’s police sold her details to News of the World


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2 thoughts on “And we lead the world…as the revelations / revulsion(s) continue on #NoTW etc etc

  1. they sold the queen’s contact details!!! is there no end to this? surely even the tabloids have worked out where she lives by now. if not, i’m happy to offer them the full lowdown on dave cam’s address and where that baldy heed geezer and his smiley wife have been for the last couple of weeks.

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