Rive Gauche: Charon QC on Tea Making (4th cumulative supplement) now out…. Seminal!

Charon QC on Tea Making,  4th Supplement to the 29th Edition (Maninahat Press) £780 + VAT

“This inter-disciplinary and seminally important update to the 29th edition of this internationally acclaimed  tractatus from leading and  very contemporary law diva, Charon QC, explores the commoditisation of law students from the academic stage of legal education all the way through to the industrial tribunal when they are finally fired by their law firm as 50 year old partners. Given recent Government reviews and consultations, resulting in access to justice being withdrawn from all save for wealthy injunctioneers and footballers unable to engage their brains before exercising their membrum virilis, commoditisation of law students  is very much an issue exercising the public agenda and ‘direction of travel’ at present. Charon QC deftly  argues that most discourse in legal education, and indeed the profession, is driven by sociological perspectives  involving large amounts of  money.  His aim is to interrogate the supply and demand of paid work for law students through a wider range of disciplines including tea making, flipping burgers, flogging off Olympic memorabiliatat and sandwich boarding. This is laudable, as complex social issues like failed expectation demands a truly interdisciplinary analysis and given the broad range of opportunities now available to law students within law firms, other than actual employment as a lawyer,  Charon QC, remarkably, despite his fondness for the nectar of the gods, has succeeded in producing a largely coherent, integrated and well organised volume that should be of interest to a diverse readership.  We, at Muttley Dastardly LLP, are certainly interested in providing opportunities for highly qualified law students who understand the intricacies of the Japanese tea making ceremony or chadō (茶道) as The Partners at Muttley Dastardly call it.”

I commend this volume to the world urbi et orbi – a bodice ripper of a book from The Diva!

Dr Erasmus Strangelove MA  (Oxon), MBA, Ph.d, FRSA, Barrister, Director of Psyops, Education and Strategy, Muttley Dastardly LLP

Strength & Profits.


I am grateful to RollonFriday.com for their excellent article on….

Firm seeks law graduate to serve tea

A City law firm has announced a “great temporary opportunity'” for fresh-faced law graduates to, errr, work as catering staff.

The taxing role demands such skills as serving sandwiches to clients, helping out on reception and setting up afternoon tea. And even the ability to book a taxi. Who wouldn’t be interested? The unnamed firm is looking for someone to make an immediate start and interested candidates are asked get in touch with consultants Career Legal. Who wisely failed to reply to emails or pick up the phone when RollOnFriday got in touch with them….

Read more….

I shall return with Part II of Rive Gauche once I have seen my dentist.  I am taking along a copy of The Law of Medical Negligence in England and Germany by Stauch, to leave in my lap as he operates on me…. laters…

10 thoughts on “Rive Gauche: Charon QC on Tea Making (4th cumulative supplement) now out…. Seminal!

  1. Chapter 13 is particularly inspiring. “How to make tea and make a tenner whilst spying on a partner” is admirable work if you can get it.

  2. I have no doubt the firm looking for lawyerly tea makers will be inundated with applications. These are desperate times. As a hard liqueur drinker I’m not sure my tea making skills are up to scratch at this time; the shake makes my mill pouring ability weak.

  3. White Rabbit – Google suggests that it may be ‘membrum virile’……. but they would….

    I may have had a genitive moment… but certainly genital… or possibly… gentile

  4. Truly inspiring. I wonder if there is an ancient and revered manuscript appertaining to the dying practice of probationers brewing up for the team?

  5. I am grateful to @legalaware on twitter for advising….

    @Charonqc definitely virile as it’s membrum, -i, 3rd decl. n. please don’t quote me on that with Dr whatshisface FRSA

  6. I have instantly placed an order – via the estimable, if not magnificent – Wildy’s for a copy. It will adorn the shelves of my library along with all the other great works including the poems of Robert Burns who, so it seems, was friendly with with Agnes Craig who invited him for “tea” in Edinburgh. Without prejudice to the contents of the Supplement, this led me to do some brief research on Camellia Sinensis. (Yes, I know that Latin is frowned upon in modern law but we of the old schools …..!). Naturally, I enjoyed a cup of char whilst doing the research and I still have one by my side as I write.

    Many quotations refer to tea such as – “If a man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth and beauty. ” or “Great love affairs start with champagne and end with tisane.” I also liked – “Remember the kettle – it is always up to its neck in hot water, yet it still sings.” Then there is Henry Fielding’s – “Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea.”

    The most intriguing one I came across was Sarah Ferguson (Duchess of York) – “As long as its hot, wet and goes down the right way, its fine with me.” Naturally, I look forward to receiving the supplement in order to see the judicial interpretation of that one.

  7. Like I said what do I know… Membrum virile the weight of opinion would seem to have it. I did google membrum viriluium and got German and French hits…

    But mostly I got something to do with the Incredible Hulk. I copy and paste…

    “His membrum virilium! My GOODNESS! It’s length, it’s girth, it’s… it’s… so VEINY!”

    ermmm… Quite so. Someone who doesn’t know the distinction between ‘its’ and ‘it’s’ would not seem good authority.

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