Lawcast 184: Jon-Paul McTavy founder of

Lawcast 184: Jon-Paul McTavy founder of

In a slight departure from my podcasts on the legal profession, where I interview lawyers,  I thought that it would be interesting to talk to the founder of an online directory for lawyers.  Marketing, a presence on Google and a good website are basic requirements for all law firms. While the large City, leading commercial and regional full service law firms have budget for traditional marketing – the smaller firms and sole practitioners may not.

I asked Jon-Paul McTavy, founder of to describe his directory:

Solicit A Lawyer is a large database of UK based lawyers and solicitors.  The site which started life as a standard database has been heavily modified to ensure I only offer the most up to date information on law firms.  Company owners can add, edit and delete information and are encouraged to do so.  When adding a new listing law firms can choose from a paid ‘premium’ listing or a free listing.  The paid listing is £10 for the year and will give the company profile more advertising on the website along with use of a e-mail contact form and a clickable link to their own website.  Updating the information is a free process as it’s important to ensure correct and accurate information.  Many law firms take advantage and update their information to add in details on which areas of law they cover along with any additional information which they believe will benefit people visiting the site.   The site breaks down the UK into Cities and Towns to try and make it easier for users to find a local Lawyer / Solicitor.  Our top city is of  London which now lists over 1800 firms and is regularly updated by new listings or updated listings but we also cover the much smaller areas to ensure users will find their local law firm.  The long term goal for is to have all UK Law firms listed with up to date information.”

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One thought on “Lawcast 184: Jon-Paul McTavy founder of

  1. I tried to post a review on Solicitalawyer’s site regarding a firm of solicitors who had provided particularly poor and expensive service. At first I got no reply but I persisted to be told by Mr McTavy that their ‘server’ was down.
    I pointed out that I had attempted to post a review on several occasions to be told they were looking for ‘constructive’ reviews not just comment that a firm was rubbish (I had never used this term!) and that they had therefore deleted my reviews. I therefore asked Mr McTavy to advise what he considered to be a ‘constructive review’ (bearing in mind the information they seek is quite limited) and got no reply.
    I have e-mailed Mr McTavy several times since and got no reply!!
    It strikes me tat they only post ‘good’ reviews and probably delete all others – why not try it and see for yourself!

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