Misogyny – jingoism – absurdity – GERMANS!… and a deficit cutting plan to tax lawyers

Well.. it probably won’t gain traction.. but it does not seem unreasonable to levy the legal profession for using a  national asset… called “Law”?  In the ‘National Interest’?  🙂

And then… this front page from The Express to give a taste of what a wonderful country we live in.  I don’t read The Express.. but twitter is a wonderful resource for alerting one to weird sh*t….

Misogyny – jingoism – sexism – xenophobia – Euro Bashing – Royal Family nonsense and – GERMANS… and all for 35p.  Who can resist it…?

Sorry… forgot to mention *complete and utter bollocks*…with the National Service nonsense..

12 thoughts on “Misogyny – jingoism – absurdity – GERMANS!… and a deficit cutting plan to tax lawyers

  1. The oft told joke in the forces was that they were advertising as

    “Go to fabulous new countries,
    Meet new and interesting people,
    then kill them…”

    But I suppose they have rephrased this for the Citizen Service as:

    “for 16 year olds to give them a chance to develop the skills needed to be active and responsible citizens, mix with people from different backgrounds, and start getting involved in their communities”

    And then kill them!

  2. I presume that the “initial flagship” of National Citizen Service will float unpaid sixteen-year-olds. Much cheaper than national service. We name this flagship ‘The Recycled Diversionary Tactic’ or perhaps ‘The Gilded Behind’.

  3. So what, I wonder, would the law profession’s standard mark up be for any charge levied by the government for use of law?

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