3 thoughts on “Charon…. Royal Wedding Special

  1. Enjoyed it too. Not a Royalist especially, probably republican-light, but who cares? Don’t often get chance to get drunk in the street in london and meet new people without getting arrested -so hurrah for that! Might even look forward to the Diamond now!

  2. jon – you were lucky not to fall foul of the new law invented by police.
    if people were standing around with banners reading ‘we love the happy couple’ they are fine; if they are doing exactly the same thing in the same place with a banner that said ‘we don’t love the happy couple’ they were subject to arrest.

    hurrah for the rule of law. (and the time-honoured ‘i don’t like your face’ amendment.

    whoever had the talbot 82 had the best of it today. i couldn’t even get my legal aid forms stamped at court today as they were too busy oohing at the dress. sigh…

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