Breaking News: Is PM Dave Cameron The Stig? – “The Bugger, bugged”

The actor Hugh Grant has pulled off a great story on #Metgate, #Phonehacking et al. In the wake of recent admissions by The News of the World that their journos (and others?) appear to have been taking too great an interest in mobile phone messages….and ‘modern surveillance technology and techniques’,  Hugh Grant has a great story in the The New Statesman. Hugh Grant writes about his encounter with a former NOTW journo….and turns the tables by recording the conversation… wonderful stuff.

I won’t spoil your pleasure in reading it.. but I was astonished to read that Dave Cameron dressed up as The Stig!…… ’nuff said….

The bugger, bugged

Do read.  The transcript of the recording makes a good read…

A quick taster… in the finest traditions of The Screws…..

Cameron gets dressed up as the Stig to go to Clarkson’s 50th birthday party [NB: it was actually to record a video message for the party]. Is that demeaning for a prime minister? It should be the other way round, shouldn’t it? So basically, Cameron is very much in debt to Rebekah Wade for helping him not quite win the election . . . So that was my submission to parliament – that Cameron’s either a liar or an idiot.


3 thoughts on “Breaking News: Is PM Dave Cameron The Stig? – “The Bugger, bugged”

  1. I’ve been wondering whether I prefer Cameron’s head stigged up or in its naked air-brushed splendour. I’ve decided there is very little difference.

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