The Twlawyer has landed! – A superhero for our times!

Coming soon… the adventures of a superhero for our times…… a man who thinks only for and of himself…. selflessly out there…. a story in 140 characters!


AND this…from a fellow tweeter…. one of the many reasons why I enjoy twitter!

I may have had too much time on my hands today.  I shall return to more sensible posts about law, later in the day.


4 thoughts on “The Twlawyer has landed! – A superhero for our times!

  1. I hope that coverall suit with built-in balaclava and wellingtons is made of a breathable material, otherwise it’s going to get frightfully sweaty in there.

    And no-one likes a clammy superhero do they? 😉

    And it’s a pity his attache case isn’t branded blue as well – he’s missing a marketing trick there! I hope he hasn’t picked up the wrong one on the tube this morning! That would make him look downright silly when he arrived at the office! :p

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