Law Review: Budget summary for lawyers – and …extraordinary City attitudes to diversity?

Corporate lawyers are up in arms about a shift in the profession’s graduate recruitment strategy that could see them forced to mix with “riffraff”.

“I did not study at Oxford and the LSE to end up working with people who graduated from Leicester or Queen Mary,” wrote one person on in response to the news last week that magic circle outfit Freshfields is extending the number of universities from which it recruits…..”

Alex Aldridge, writing in The Guardianan extraordinary article about (some) City attitudes to diversity?

The Budget:  A summary

Cassons for Counsel: A summary of particular relevance to barristers and solicitors

6 thoughts on “Law Review: Budget summary for lawyers – and …extraordinary City attitudes to diversity?

  1. Riffraff! Hah! I wonder how the cream of legal London will feel when, given the right circumstances, they have to appear in front of Leicester – (and other concrete’n’glass establishments)-educated hoi polloi like me? I must arrange for posies of lavender to be provided for certain attorneys when their company websites clearly indicate the necessity. Power to the people 😉

  2. It is an extraordinary article revealing some extraordinary attitudes. Is it really lawful in employment recruitment to use such University lists? Must get our junior – Mr Redbrick – on to that one! Also, the idea that LSE is on a part with Oxbridge. Extraordinary!!

  3. Depressingly, I encountered similar attitudes when I was at Durham, which is not as good as the LSE or Oxbridge, but does like to pretend.

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