We go to war……. against Libya… and we’ll see what happens.

At least there is a UN resolution… this time. We will know soon enough if the action today works.  The PR war begins…..

Sunday update….


2 thoughts on “We go to war……. against Libya… and we’ll see what happens.

  1. Sir,

    One is most perplexed. After shelling out on a rather expensive new roof for my church dwelling, am I now to believe that it may all be lost to chemical warfare and surplus IRA bombs?

    Good God sir! Pan tiles and marble cruck are damned expensive, I shalll seek recompense from that dreadful little William Hague chap at once. What a clot!

    The last time we sent that bumbling fool on an errand to another country, it was to New York that he went to hang a door on the fourteenth floor of two large towers.

    The last words he was heard to say were “I can’t get the damn thing to fit, so I am going to make a phonecall to a friend of mine, he will get a plane and take a bit off the top.”

    The rest is bally-well history.


  2. A question: what has Gadaffi threatened to do to Benghazi that the Israelis didn’t actually do to Gaza 2008/9 without being trouibled by a no fly zone or similar unpleasantness?

    Jus askin.

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