Legal Profession Lawcast (3): Suzanne Dibble, founder of Law4mumpreneurs

Today I am talking to Suzanne Dibble, a former City lawyer who has branched out on her own to set up Lawyers4mumpreneurs

I am an ex City lawyer who wants to enjoy flexibility of working whilst bringing up a young family. Does that sound familiar?

So after 12 years of working for a top City law firm and blue chip companies, I decided to set up my own legal services practice which allows me to work from home and plan my work to fit around my family. As a result of this process, I am passionate about helping other mothers in the same position as me, namely mums who have decided to set up their own business for the very same reasons. Hence Lawyers4Mumpreneurs was born!

We talk about Suzanne’s background as a City lawyer and then as an in0house lawyer before looking at her new venture running a virtual law firm using online technology and social media. We also discuss the reality of  ‘glass ceiling’ for women in the law.



My thanks to BPP Law School / BPP University College for sponsoring this series of podcasts.

3 thoughts on “Legal Profession Lawcast (3): Suzanne Dibble, founder of Law4mumpreneurs

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  2. Hello

    Can you make these podcasts downloadable at all? I can only stream these. I want to listen to them on the bus to ease the pain of my commute … as I did with your first Without Prejudice podcast which was great.

    Sophie Cameron

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