4 thoughts on “The *Seriously Sh*t Daily.Li* is OUT! – gawd help us…

  1. I agree, I am so bored of seeing my name in a daily twit paper. I NEVER click through on being notified. I wish they would stop them.
    I once asked someone to send me a hard copy for my press cuttings file. They didn’t get the joke though. Maybe we should all do that, they might get fed up and stop it.

  2. They are quite annoying. I only get caught by one of them because I’m on someone’s #law list – which is a little embarrassing when their paper.li publishes youtube videos I’ve been watching late on a weekend evening!

    I do see how they could be useful for those who don’t read twitter or have RSS feeds for multiple, related blogs and want to read the ‘big stories’… of course, when they’re publishing the sh*te I tweet at night they automatically become worthless!


  3. DJB… Likewise…. I fear for the state of our legal nation……

    I have made a few comments on Brian Inkster’s original blog post. I am all for promoting law blogging… so I don’t really mind. I may stop ‘stirring’ one day….. 2043…. probably…. if I live that long.

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