Law Review: #Metgate – ‘Ello, ‘ello, ‘ello….what we have we got here then…… a SIM pin?

#Metgate (or the phone ‘hacking’) scandal continues with Gordon Brown complaining, as some tweeter suggested the other day,  that his phone may NOT have been hacked.  The Telegraph reports today that ‘someone’ may still be at it…….Tessa Jowell alerts police to fresh attempt to hack her mobile phone voicemail last week

David Allen Green, on his Jack of Kent blog, picked this up last September: Why Metgate Matters MetGate: the law relating to interception of telephone calls and voicemail MetGate: why an inquiry is not a party matter

It seems rather surprising that the Metropolitan Police, having declared that the matter had been dealt with some time back, are now speeding into action with the latest revelations, handing the investigation over to a different division within the force.  Surely, another Police force should investigate this?  I observed, as did many, back in September last that this wasn’t going to go away.  Coulson may have resigned and it may well be that he and the prime minister (in terms of his judgment in appointing Coulson)   have nothing to fear… time will tell.

And The Guardian today…

News of the World faces new allegation of phone hacking within last year

Kelly Hoppen, Sienna Miller’s stepmother, is suing the NoW for ‘accessing or attempting to access her voicemail’

And this tweet from: John_Cooper_QC

Congrats to civil lawyers in phone hacking case doing the job of the police. How often are lawyers sniped at? Time to be proud of what we do

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