Home Secretary announces new TPIM control orders!

In a re-branding of the Control Order regime (They are, according to reports on Twitter, to be called TPIMs  – Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures) – it was amusing to note that much of the response on Twitter seemed to be about Theresa May’s jacket.  (I quite like it, as it happens – a bit of colour and art!)

I am not sure whether this sartorial elegance was envisaged by British MP and lawyer Sir David Maxwell-Fyfe  when he drafted what is now called  The European Convention on Human Rights.

Meanwhile…over to to Lord MacDonald QC, a former DPP:

Lord Macdonald: UK ‘over-reacted after 9/11 attacks’

Lord Macdonald told the BBC: “I think we saw some powers, some laws, enacted which did go too far.”


And here they are… the new powers…from a tweet:

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4 thoughts on “Home Secretary announces new TPIM control orders!

  1. i hear may has claimed she has reinstated civil liberties or some such. modest!
    if the re-instating of civil liberties is on the same level as the rebuilding of the economy i think i’ll just go and hand myself in to the police now and save myself the grief.

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