Charon appears to have a Clawbie!

I am a fan of Canadian blogs and draw your attention to many in my forthcoming Blawg Review #292 which I will publish sometime on Sunday, in advance of Monday – my being a Lord of Misrule – Ed of Blawg Review would be surprised if I didn’t….

I am delighted to receive this award – because there is no voting, no bizarre algorithms and no nonsense.  The Clawbies promote Canadian blogs, they don’t take awards too seriously and I am pleased to receive the award this year.  Also… they are fellow bloggers and awards from fellow bloggers are fine by me…….  So… Thank you!

EuroCan Connection Award – This award recognizes European law blog friends who highlight and link to Canadian law blogs. For the third straight year, this award goes to Mike Semple Piggot, better known in the blawgosphere as Charon QC. Charon’s readership includes many Canadians, and the content continues to mix provocative, quirky, and investigative in equal measures, making it a must-read both inside and outside Canada’s borders.

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