F**kART: Dark Tuscan Sky 2010

Dark Tuscan Sky 2010
Acrylics and Dulux paint on Board

I went to Tuscany several times in the 1990s.  I enjoyed visiting this part of Italy – but I would have enjoyed it more had the skies been dark and slightly surreal.  I found an old photograph, drank some of Infobunny’s Damson Gin and some wine and painted.  Still not quite finished….. as I may make the sky even darker.  Doing the poppies was fun…. applied  with a cake icing bag full of undiluted Crimson RED as I wanted them to stand out on the board surface!  (Sky was Dulux paint mixed up applied with spray gun  – Obviously had to do that first. So.. if I want darker sky… a lot of brushwork ahead of me…. time consuming)

3 thoughts on “F**kART: Dark Tuscan Sky 2010

  1. That painting is striking…if it ever needs a home 🙂 Tuscany is a wonderous place. Stayed in Panzano last year on the Le Fonti estate, Chianti in full supply.

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