Charon QC Blogging & Drinking for BIG SOCIETY Awards!

Many of you won’t be getting awards this year. Most of us will not get a Knighthood…or even the  MBE…. despite all we do for our country.  There are so many absurd awards at this time of year… so why be left out?!

Help yourself to *THE CHARON QC Drinking & Blogging Award 2010*. The good news?  You don’t need to be a blogger… but I would be pleased if you had the occasional glass of what you fancy.  Feel free to exhibit on your blog…or even print it out and show people down at the pub…. all yours!

I have even awarded one to myself… but regular readers will know that I award myself honours and awards when I feel like it.




Delighted that Barbed Wire Bouquet has taken a Charon QC Award!


And a fair few others….. go on…. help yourself!

18 thoughts on “Charon QC Blogging & Drinking for BIG SOCIETY Awards!

  1. Hic ! Where am I? I love you… hic… gissa another… slurp…hic. u looking at me? hic….u r my best mate…. hic… I love u….belch……zzzzz.

    Do I qualify?

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  3. Is it too out of place for a Yank’s site?

    (Hmmm, we’ll just grab one for later, in case. And, a couple, dozen more for the kids and guys down at the alley…)

  4. Ah yes, by far the most useful aid to creative writing, as such I am sure that many of the most successful blogs are those written whilst under the affluence of incohol.

    An inspired award.

  5. I am truly honoured to be asked to recieve this award, and I regret not being able to receive it in person.

    I will offer the award to all who read my round up of the UK blogging scene in the next UKBLAWGROUNDUP out on 7th Jan.

    That is all.

  6. Nice idea Charon. Delighted to accept but will do a bit more drinking next year to ensure that I continue to deserve it.

    As for New Year Resolutions – I am not making any but I liked the Resolutions of David Allen Green (aka Jack of Kent):

    I also liked the ABC of the Year on the Annaraccoon blog:

    Keep up the blawging and your interesting angles relating to training of lawyers and what the future holds. Here’s to a good New Year.

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