3 thoughts on “Muttley Dastardly LLP: We can bring your partner down. We don’t mediate…. they stay down.

  1. Personally, I would not entirely mind seeing a divorce of Clegg and Cameron. Many people out here are now beginning to see the coaliton as a set up for the convenience of politicians which is doing nothing good for the people. I am also concerned about how they are tinkering with the constitution: Fixed Term Parliaments Bill; Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Bill; the latest “Cabinet Manual” which, it seems, even Parliament does not get to discuss etc.

    What is interesting is how ineffective the Labour Party appear to have become in Opposition. When Blair became Prime Minister in 1997 he was able to enjoy an ulmost unprecedented “honeymoon” period which extended into his second term when, of course, along came Iraq. Even then, with his huge majority, he was able to push just about anything through. Throughout this time there was only limited Parliamentary Opposition. We now seem to be witnessing something of a repeat with a Labour Party which has failed to transform itself from government to effective opposition. There is much to oppose and it is time they got moving.

  2. Absolutely spot on.
    Maybe the truth is difficult to accept but perhaps the reason Labour are so innefectual in opposition is because at heart
    they don’t feel all that opposed to what is happening
    Blair went far beyond what Thatcher attempted – just look at the NHS – Cameron and the Libdemolitioncrats are simply following the same instinct as Blair – puch the button and see what happens.

    Is it time for a “new Party” or are we so guillible as to think Labour can reinvent itself as the friend of the ever shrinking
    number of working folk ?
    I think it’s time to start again and to begin with maybe we should all redefine our priorities and start acting like ONE people instead of 60 million zombies sleepwalking towards a future where there is no future.

    Anyone for Great Dictator?

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