Charon’s Advent calendar: Day 20

I began the day, reduced to watching the banality that is BBC Breakfast.  Most of the programme was about SNOW…with pictures of people,  like plague victims, lying on the airport concourse, wearing what appeared to be bacofoil…. prompting me to tweet that if “You want to get the full HEATHROW experience….at home… sit on your floor… get the bacofoil out and wait for a BBC film crew to turn up.”

Then along came Mr Hammond, the TORY Transport Minister, who decided he didn’t need to read an experts’ report on SNOW commissioned by the previous government,  but would consult his own expert so ‘lessons could be learned…yada yada blah.’   Iain Dale (who appears to have blogged more since his retirement from blogging than he did in the weeks preceding his Moses Moment on twitter when he announced his ‘departure from Blogging Gate 20’) …. mused on twitter…that Mr Hammond had the makings of a future Prime Minister.    I do…so… love pantomime and comic opera at this time of year.

I could not help myself with the tweet above…. The Tory-led Coalition has blamed Labour for  everything else since grasping power with the running dog Kim Il Clegg…. and his sidekick Vince CableTV … that I thought it only fair that the previous Labour government should be blamed for the fiasco that is Heathrow today…

That is all. I shall return tomorrow with Day 21….. ineluctably.

5 thoughts on “Charon’s Advent calendar: Day 20

  1. One party was in power for thirteen years and struggled even during the boom times.

    One party had the boom years and set aside no funds or assets for the bust time.

    The coalition has been in power for six months.

    The coalition has to find the answers to global downturn.

    Transportation matters like rail and flight are almost entirely handled by private organisations, where bottom line utterly outweighs the provisions for troubled customers.

  2. Here’s a little bit of information re Heathrow profits:

    They really have no excuse for being so abysmal at snow clearance. Private enterprise will not invest in this sort of infrastructure unless they have to or are made to. Also, the airlines have absolutely no reason for being totally useless at keeping their passengers informed.

  3. funny how under the last disastrous government people weren’t facing poverty and losing their homes in their millions and the only people on the streets shouting about domestic policy were the toffs in red coats. thank god it’s all so much better now…

    is it just my evil mind or has dale been disappointed by the silence that greeted his ‘retirement’ (he perhaps missed my rather ill-mannered cheering) and spurred into ever greater spewing of his nonsense? we must just be philosophical and accept that radio’s loss is our gain.

  4. The Hammond person might as well be replaced by a recorded message intoning the idiot commonplace that the government is not to blame for the weather…

    Which appears to be all he has to say.

  5. and now vince cable tv has been suckered by the high-class honey-trap journalism of the telegraph (odd if they become my ally in wanting to see the back of this government) handing the decision on the sky buy to the delightfully impartial jeremy cunt (and if he didn’t hate the bbc before that, he surely does now). i fear mr cunt’s revenge against the beeb is in the freezer as we speak. or probably on the tarmac at heathrow. and murdreck slavers hungrily…

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