Charon’s Advent Calendar: Day One….

A friend of mine on Twitter – @TheDreamSociety – put the thought into my head that I should do a daily Advent calendar – with some choice item each day.  Whether I will be able to find ‘choice’ items is another thing.  Sometimes they will be serious items and sometimes they won’t.  We’ll see how it goes.  Some days there may even be more than one item…

Today, I have two items of interest:

1.  DavidAllen Green’s article in The New Statesman that liberals ought to be concerned about Wikileaks – the core point being that Wikileaks is accountable to no-one and a secondary point about the legality of using information which may have been obtained through illegal means.

WikiLeaks and the liberal mind

2. And Carl Gardner, author of the Head of Legal blog, considers the Supreme Court judgment in the case of the troughing MPs who claimed parliamentary privilege to argue that they should be dealt with by Parliament and not tried as common criminals and held in the bowels of some Garrow’s Law style gaol before walking up the stairs to face the sword of English justice.  Read more….

Well… I may as well give you some nonsense as well…..

University Of Calgary Professor And Senior Advisor To Canadian PM Calls For Julian Assange Assassination On National TV

“It is not a good week for Wikileaks. Following yesterday’s Interpol arrest warrant, also yesterday, Tom Flanagan, a senior advisor and strategist to the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, called for the assassination of Wikileaks director Julian Assange. On CBS News. On Live TV. As the video notes, “it is believed to be the first ever televised “fatwa” since the edict by the Iranian leadership of the late Ayatollah Khomeini against British writer Salman Rushdie in February 1989…..”

Read more….

And… some truly marvellous nonsense… as a commenter says… it is a pity Kevin Pietersen can’t do this without a blindfold!  Wonderful short film

Kevin Pietersen Blindfold Cricket



5 thoughts on “Charon’s Advent Calendar: Day One….

  1. ObiterJ – I would not be surprised if Assange is arrested soon and the Americans get him…..

    We shall see…. he will, I suspect, have to hide for the rest of his life. Be interesting to see what they charge him with if they do get him….. ?

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