3 thoughts on “EurobailoutNews: Cleggstradamus – Prognosticator or Bloviator?

  1. Lots more in Prospect magazine


    Oh dear.

    I recall being on a holiday in Greece just before they joined the Euro, when my fellow travellers were virtually unanimous that our joining of the Euro was historically inevitable. I’d also imagine that they were disproportionately LibDem supporters too; you can tell the type.

    Of course we had a nice, cheap holiday but these days it’s so much better value to head a little further into Turkey. It still has fascinating archaeology and, in my view, the food is better.

  2. I noticed today that The Guardian has a “tracker” keeping an eye on how the demolition government is reneging on pre-election promises:


    The fact that we remained outside the Euro has (so far) proved to be a good thing. However, it was a “close run thing” – at one time the Labour government appeared to be seriously looking at it as a distinct possibility.


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