Duncan Bannatyne does it again…on Twitter… Oh dear!

It astonishes me how twitter can be so abusive… even if one disagrees with a point of view – there is just no call to tweet that someone else is a *phaedophile lover* – and coming from a BBC Dragon – quite shocking.  Then, encouraging his followers to report the tweeter for abuse? The legal issue regarding libel is, of course, a separate matter which I will not comment on.

All, it would seem, from what I can gather, because of ‘smoking in a car full of kids’.  I wouldn’t smoke near children – but….. I do not think that describing someone as a *phaedophile lover* on twitter is a pleasant thing to do either, when the person tweeting has so much twitter power.

Bannatyne blocked me some time ago – not that it bothers me – because I was critical and supported another tweeter who he was unpleasant to.  I don’t visit his gyms and I wasn’t critical of his business acumen…so assume he didn’t block me for not going to his gyms…I suspect he may have blocked me for these posts I did…

Duncan Genocide doesn’t seem to understand Twitter that well – a personal opinion…not a LIBEL!

Postcard from The Staterooms: Bananaskins edition

You can, of course, see the @andyburge tweets by following this link….

Andy Burge has just tweeted….21.30 pm 22 Nov 10


ok everyone, I was wrong to swear at @duncanbannatyne .. he was wrong to call me “paedophile lover” hope you agree Duncan .. can we move on?

Seems sensible to me…..

14 thoughts on “Duncan Bannatyne does it again…on Twitter… Oh dear!

  1. This is an extraordinary thing to say, regardless of who says it. The word “paedophile” has a very specific and unambiguous meaning, concerning the abuse of children for sexual purposes.

  2. Andy has been far too magnanimous and forgiving.

    Bannatyne’s actions are a complete joke, and his other tweets and re-tweets highly offensive and unseemly, though nothing as serious as the grave offence he committed regards the paedophile jibe.

    Anyone of any maturity and decency would apologise for that. From studying his replies to his sycophantic sheep like following on the matter, he is unrepentant.

    He also tweeted that Mr Burge would probably need legal aid (though it won’t go that far now it seems). Why would one assume that? How astonishingly arrogant.

  3. Another day, another Bannatyne bullying incident – the world turns, Bannatyne learns nothing – indeed, he seems to glory in it. A very, very strange man.

  4. I’m assuming a “phaedophile lover” would be someone who likes someone who specialises in the study of Plato’s Phaedo dialogue. As an insult, it doesn’t really work. Maybe the irony is in the fact that one of the main themes of Phaedo is the “cyclical argument” or that it’s a platonic relationship?

  5. I would be very keen to know more of the countries of origin of the various garments, training equipment and other remarkably good value products available via Mr Bannatyne’s healthclub website.

    Surely a man so concerned about the welfare of other humans would never seek to profit from products produced under oppressive regimes, on below-subsistence level wages, or even involving child labour.

  6. even if we don’t take colmmu’s line and ascribe the term ‘phaedophile lover’ to poor spelling (or, charitably, a typo) rather than a lifelong interest in plato (and before he hits hotdial for his lawyers i’m not ascribing either to the litigious mr b), i’m not entirely sure what he thought he was saying.

    presumably a paedophile lover would have a pretty quiet time of it unless they were (or looked) somewhat underage. anyone over about 12 would have a hard time luring the particular paedo who was the object of their affections away from the pool of dribble outside your child’s school gates that the daily male would have us think they inhabit.

    maybe he just needs a bit more practice insulting people.

  7. As you said last time – in your post title, in fact – ‘Dunkers’ just doesn’t get Twitter.

    Different gaff but same problem, so nothing’s changed.

    Maybe someone needs to take him aside and coach him in the use of Twitter. Hmmm… I’m thinking Martha Lane Fox as a possible candidate? 😉

  8. I just find it strange that a 61 year old man – albeit a rich one – behaves so weirdly on twitter….. why can’t he just behave like a half decent human being on Twitter….like most people do instead of being the *Big I am* and threatening to sue everyone…. he was even daft enough to call lawyer David Allen Green .. *Big Boy*….

    Mr Lord Sir Alan Sugar is far more amusing and even though he flogs his book endlessly he does it in quite an amusing way and engages – it is, actually, a very good book and Sugar seems to have a sense of humour… so I quite enjoy following him.

    I have no idea where Bannatyne sources his clothing products – but given his care for children I cannot imagine he would be daft enough to source from child labour sweat factories…and, being fair, when he isn’t behaving unpleasantly on twitter he does do good charitable work….

  9. I don’t see that it helps to say that DB “doesn’t get Twitter”. He understands that he is having an argument in a public place, and that he’s attacking a person who he disagrees with, and he vfeels his attacks are justified.

    He has also said enough about children and familiies to show that he knows what ‘paedophile’ means. To accuse somebody of being a ‘paedophile lover’ can only mean that they are in favour of paedophilia. Can anybody suggest an alternative explanation ?

  10. I’m always alarmed at how people react on twitter. So many people say things and forget that unlike Facebook or a forum which generally have more limited readership, tweets rarely stay private and most people’s whole twitter history is available for all to see. Just because you deleted it, doesn’t mean it’s gone (like so many things on the Internet…).

    This reminds me of Alan Sugar’s continued tirade against basically anyone who has said something negative about him. Twitter is PR and I know the old adage goes that all press is good press, but sometimes people come across as imbeciles.

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  12. Mr Bannatyne is a man with a serious chip on his shoulder. I was recently subjected to a brutal attack by him on Twitter – calling me a liar, low, dishonest and having no values – because I told him that his staff were signing under 18’s up for gym memberships. He then cancelled my own membership and banned me from attending the gym. I was also banned from following him on Twitter. I truly feel sorry for a man with so much anger.

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