Breaking: Clocks go back…Osbore says we must suffer a period in the Dark Ages!

Tomorrow night… a dark eve, as the clocks go back and we enter a new *Dark Ages*,  will bring a period of darkness to our sceptred isle…. possibly…. unless, of course, we have The Great Fire of London on 5th November because there are no fire engines to put the usual 200 fires we have in London on Bonfire Night…. OUT!

If you fancy reading a good  analysis of the planned Fire Brigade strike on Guy Fawkes night by Jack of Kent (Lawyer, David Allen Green) … then… have a look… it is incendiary… if you forgive the metaphor.

6 thoughts on “Breaking: Clocks go back…Osbore says we must suffer a period in the Dark Ages!

  1. Seriously, ‘changing’ the clocks at all is absolutely batty. There are so many hours of daylight – more in Summer, less in Winter – and that’s it. As a farmer, I know that I and my farming friends are unaffected by the clock. We work as we can and as we need. What the clock ‘says’ is immaterial. What bugs me is the twice-yearly ‘change’: I suffer for about a week each time, rather in the manner of jet-lag.

  2. Osbore will have to work on his “Prince of Darkness” persona. Needs to change to look for malevolent.

    The Scots Farmers are always quoted as the reason this ritual never changes. We ought to stay 1 hour forward of Greenwich in winter and two hours in summer. Let the Scots have their own time zone if that is possible!

    Is it possible? I don’t know. Time zones (a la USA) usually work from east to west (longitudinally) as opposed to south to north (latitudinally). Must be something to do with how the old rock turns:

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  4. GMT is the world time standard, it is ironic that Britain should want this changed.
    It should be left to GMT all year around, less confusion and fuss resetting clocks, also we get max daylight.

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