Breaking: Cameron brings the Neville Chamberlain spirit back to life!


An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.
Winston Churchill



Martin Schulz, the German leader of Europe’s Social Democrat MEPs, the parliament’s second biggest bloc, said Mr Cameron’s promise was “nonsense” and the Prime Minister was “setting himself up for a fall”.

He said: “The negotiations have barely begun – it is not for Mr Cameron to announce their conclusion.”

He added: “The figures he is talking about bear little relation to reality. He is setting himself up for a fall.”

A diplomat from one of EU countries that signed Mr Cameron’s letter predicted that the final deal would be larger than promised. “It will be very difficult to keep at 2.9 per cent with what the parliament is saying,” said the diplomat.

And a European Commission official stressed that Mr Cameron’s guarantee “doesn’t change anything” because legally binding “conciliation” talks continue until Nov 11.



One thought on “Breaking: Cameron brings the Neville Chamberlain spirit back to life!

  1. Mr Schulz is a very perceptive person. British politicians like to talk tough on Europe but eventually they all roll over.

    BTW, I am basically “pro-Europe” but there is a very strong case for getting to grips with their spending. It is out of control and is a major burden on national economies and, in particular, the economies of the larger net contributors.

    The Times did a good analysis of all of this earlier in the week. Pity about that “pay wall.”

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