Judge Judge judges…. True story!

Kenneth Clarke and Lord Judge: a plain-speaking verdict on life after cuts

Joshua Rozenberg in The Guardian: Lord chancellor and lord chief justice share a talent for bluntness, but who is the most realistic about how the deficit will affect the legal system?

I’ve had a busy week – but this article by Rozenberg is worth a read.  I did catch the TV footage of Lord Judge appearing before he Commons justice committee.  He was excellent. Truth speaks to power! Mind you… easier if one happens to be Lord Chief Justice, I suspect…..

One thought on “Judge Judge judges…. True story!

  1. Someone – Michael Howard, quite possibly – will doubtless remind the Lord Chancellor that the point of sending people to prison is that they can’t commit further offences while they’re there. (Well they can, but only against other inmates or staff, who don’t count.)

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