Law Review: Legal Week does the biz on law blogging!

I am, obviously, a fan of legal blogging and, as with others, I have tried to promote the cause. I am delighted to see Legal Week,  a mainstream legal newspaper,  take up the cause of blogging and do a very thorough  review.

Alex Aldridge, an associate editor with Legal Week does the business – an enjoyable read – and thanks for the mention! It all helps

4 thoughts on “Law Review: Legal Week does the biz on law blogging!

  1. Loveandgarbage – Don’t know… don’t think *weblogs* were about in UK until early 2000s…

    But… I suspect you could well be right.

    LW is England & Wales focused, of course….. there are some excellent blogs in Scotland, this, I know. Including SLT!

  2. I started with webpages (html) with Charon in about 2002… before that I faffed abart on RollonFRiday discussion board as *Judge Jeffries* and then *Brigadier Grappa* – and met some great people…. who are now, probably, sensible lawyers with serious careers!…and why not!

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