Law Review: Saudi prince not above our law

Justice, even for princes

Guardian: Britain’s conviction of a Saudi prince for the murder of his servant has inspired Saudi Arabians longing for impartial justice

Excellent article – written by a Saudi.

Prince Saud’s conviction gives all of us some hope that one day our people will enjoy a modern court system that sees no difference between a prince and a pauper. I am hoping that Britain might export its brand of justice to our country to help modernise our medieval judiciary. That is undeniably a better and more useful export to our people than any sales of fighter planes.

4 thoughts on “Law Review: Saudi prince not above our law

  1. Matthew – I don/t I’m afraid. I suspect he won’t be returned to Saudi Arabia for fear that he will be executed for being gay. They don’t approve of gays in Saudi. In fact… I understand they chop their heads off.

  2. If he is transferred to a Saudi prison and the authorities there decide to sentence him to death, it will not be because he’s gay, but, rather, because he is a murderer; however, if the family of the man he murdered pardon him then he merely has to pay ‘blood money’ and he’s a free man. Furthermore, they may not approve of homosexuality in Saudi Arabia, but they certainly do not ‘chop their heads off’ for being gay. Whilst practicing homosexuality in Saudi Arabia is illegal and punishable by death (which is not in accordance with strict Islamic law and, thus, a violation of the Saudi Arabian constitution), the evidential proof required for the death penalty renders it impossible to enforce.

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