The Milisiah is among us… in a wind farm – appropriate, I suspect

New Leader….. yawn….. deeds not words will define if he is any good… until then I will not be doing any UNITING

After 30 years of voting Labour – quite happy to wonder about looking at policies and other ideas…. in a laid back, non-aligned, way!  Liberating…in fact.   I did not say… Liberalating…..

8 thoughts on “The Milisiah is among us… in a wind farm – appropriate, I suspect

  1. Geoffrey – I shall wait and see…. time to look at all points of view. I don’t join political parties – but I don’t join any clubs or associations, so nothing unusual in that.

  2. i am considering joining the labour party – because as in thatcher’s day the alternative is intolerable and will be the further dismantling of the world inhabited by ordinary people. sam cam’s silky pussy running the country; please no!

    and for me he’s certainly the better of the brothers to be doing it. he may not ditch all concerns of social justice in a desperate bid to curry favour with the murdoch press – which will soon be the entire british press and much of the other news media.

    and admit it charon – you thought the milisiah was d-man! seek out other beliefs and ideas, as a thinking person should do – but if you find any that are more likely to save us from the pussy then let me know and i will put my weight behind them.

  3. SW – I can’t see myself voting Tory or Lib-Dem – and you may well be right. I don’t join anything, let alone pol parties – but I do vote!

    I don’t like to belong to any groups / organisations now – but I shall certainly watch with interest. I would have preferred DM, to be sure – but I do have an open mind.

    Much more interested in law reform and the Rule of Law issues at the mo…

  4. I am happier with this Miliband than the other. Too many unanswered questions about the other. I wonder whether it is the first time in their lives that Ed has outdone David?

    Now that they have got this leadership election over they might start to become an opposition and we are going to need one if the worst excesses of this coalition are to be avoided. There are major grounds to be very worried at the moment.

    Do you think that some Lib Dem MPs might just cross over and join the Labour benches? Depending on the detail of this spending review I would not be entirely surprised. Many of them will not be able to stomach a full dose of Tory medicine even if some medicine is needed in the right places.

  5. ObiterJ – DM has a prob with the torture issue and quite probably other issues which we know nothing about given his brief.

    If they waste time targetting Lib-Dems or less important Con policy – it will be wasted. Labour needs to position for the big issue, and win appeal through argument and policy. Opposition is needed – hopefully along more subtle lines?

    I suspect that a few Lib-Dems will cross over…. be interesting to see how Lib-Dem identity evolves over the next two years before their focus shifts to the election two years after that….

  6. Frankly, Labour could have ‘elected’ Mr Ed the talking horse for all I care. In fact given the alternatives, that might not have been a bad idea. Though if Labour wishes to do itself any favours, it may wish to consider making the ‘election’ of Mr Ed (human variant) its last under the grotesque and undemocatic electoral college system which fails to give votes equal values and skews the result.

    What would be wrong with one member one vote?

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