Charon publishes new book! – CHARON QC THE JOURNEY!

After reading Tony Blair’s book The Journey – I had a glass or two of Rioja, smoked a few Marlboros and thought to myself… Charon…I said… You could write a book.… so I did…. it isn’t a very long book as you can see above!

All profits from This book are going to CASH – Charon’s Association for Self Help

7 thoughts on “Charon publishes new book! – CHARON QC THE JOURNEY!

  1. This story has best seller written all over it.

    I want the publishing rights. We will place a photo of a pair of very big boobies on the front cover and on the inside sleeve, we can have a foreward by David Cameron, hailing it the only book of its kind to reach the inner sanctum of semantics. Or whatever her name is.

    I’ll set up a book signing for you too. I would suggest St Paul’s, to start with. Look, it worked for Madonna, why shouldn’t it work for you?

    PS You can pay me in pralines.

    Natasha Von Editorey

  2. Dear Natasha Von Editorey

    I went on Dragon’s Den with this book…. and that grumpy git Duncan…. told me that it was *Ridiculous*….because he didn’t realise it was a new episode and he forgot his script….. Theo Laryngitis looked at me as if I was going to start wearing La Perla underwear or go long on staplers at Rymans… Peter Jones said my valuation was OUTRAGEOUS….. James Caan told me…

    “Charon..let me tell you where I am coming from…..” And then I blew it by saying *Pluto?* … so it was all down to Deborah… … who just laughed…

    So… anything you can do to get this BOOK BIG… I’m *IN*


    Charon x

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