Vince Cable: Putting a bit of SPIV on Coalition government

Cable attacks City ‘spivs and gamblers’

Independent: Business Secretary Vince Cable launched a searing attack today on the City “spivs and gamblers” who crippled the British economy.

In a rousing speech to round off the first Liberal Democrat conference since they entered coalition, Mr Cable condemned the “outrageous” scale of bank bonuses after the credit crunch.

But he also attempted to calm business concerns over his damning critique of capitalist excess and threats to legislate against big payouts, insisting he was not seeking “retribution”.

Looks like things going quite well for the Coalition…

But… DON’T PANIC…. Beaker has everything under control….


Danny Alexander: ‘We take impact of cuts seriously’

The Indie reports…. “Treasury Chief Secretary Danny Alexander insisted today that proper assessments would be made of the impact of “painful” spending cuts due to be announced next month.”

Reading the Indie article… it would seem that Beaker is well into using the word *IMPACT* –  not in the sense of a crash, one hopes?

5 thoughts on “Vince Cable: Putting a bit of SPIV on Coalition government

  1. As things stand, the government needs the banks on side.

    It might have been a very different tale had the previous government allowed Northern Rock to fail subject only to the protection of ordinary depositors. That would have sent out a message to the rest of them. However, whilst some of us thought about it at the time, it was not going to happen given that Northern Rock was based on so-called Labour heartlands in the North east.

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