Great Leaders of our Times: Deputy Chairman Mao Tse Clegg

I have come up with a new idea to accompany my Smokedo exercises.  I have decided to walk for precisely 30 minutes and see how far I get and then walk back.  This will ensure that I walk for at least one hour daily and have a random experience.  Today, I started from Battersea Square and ended up at Sloane Square Tube station.  While I was tempted to get on a 319 bus back to Battersea Bridge I resisted – and then got completely soaked in the deluge. Tomorrow, I hope to get further for my 30 minutes… and so on.  I could end up in Birmingham with a bit of practice, dedication and effort – and then what will I do?

One thought on “Great Leaders of our Times: Deputy Chairman Mao Tse Clegg

  1. We like the F**KART – M especially! Leg is the favourite. Your phone is not responding – perhaps you could call. Thank you so much

    You Brother

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