David Davis MP BrokeBack Coalition pub talk! – excellent nonsense!

David Davis pub talk reveals Tory unease at the ‘Brokeback Coalition’

• David Davis reportedly repeats alleged remark by Lord Ashcroft
• Remarks echo criticism of David Cameron’s ‘big society’ policy

Guardian: Unease on the Tory right over David Cameron’s coalition with the Liberal Democrats was highlighted last night in unguarded comments made by the man Cameron defeated in the 2005 Tory leadership campaign.

David Davis is reported to have approvingly repeated a description of the partnership between Cameron and Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg as “Brokeback Coalition”, which he attributed to another senior Tory.

Davis made his remarks during a private lunch with former colleagues from Tate & Lyle at the Boot & Flogger wine bar in Southwark on Thursday.

The MP was reportedly overheard saying that Lord Ashcroft, the ex-Conservative party deputy chairman, had referred to the government as “Brokeback Coalition” – a reference to the Oscar-winning film Brokeback Mountain, about a gay relationship. Davis, whose remarks are disclosed in today’s Financial Times, said he had been misheard.

I know The Boot & Flogger in Southwark rather well – a fine establishment for getting seriously over refreshed and for the seriously over refreshed!

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