4 thoughts on “Lord Shagger writes to the PM about the ‘Big Society’

  1. Whilst your letter is very funny I don’t believe Cameron’s humour is at such a high corresponding level.

    Although, employing the likes of Ken Clarke, Time Yeo and Caroline Spelman shows DC does enjoy a joke!

  2. Chrissake, Shagger, is this why you’ve been keeping me waiting down the club – so you can write to cousin Denbigh of the Bedchamber about the bloody proles..? Move your arse down the brothel immediately or you’ll wish you were still my fag at Eton! By Jove, man, the tarts are getting cold!

  3. LORD Shagger: Bonjour… I had the fortune not to go to Eton… I went to Winchester… you always forget this…. It doesn’t surprise me. From what I remember, you always liked to get A grade and be top of the Class…… ?

    I’ll be with you in 20…..

    I had no idea that the Liberal Club was called ‘The Brothel’ these days. How times have changed. I blame Clegg, of course.

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