Breaking News: Clegg auditions for Britain’s Got Talent – Christmas Special

Clegg seems to be unveiling a lot of plans these days – or perhaps it is just the latest cliche from the mainstream media?  Anyway – here is a totally preposterous plan unveiled by the Beloved Dear Deputy Leader Clegg Il Sung… as reported in The Guardian…..

Nick Clegg unveils plan to give Lib Dems independence from government

Guardian: Proposals include committees to scrutinise departments, allowing chairs to ask questions autonomous from coalition

I thought the Lib-Dems were in the government?  How can they be both in it and out of it.?

Frankly… I’d like to see Clegg and iCam, Britain’s favourite App,  do a Sand Dance… I’d pay money to see that.  It can only be a matter of time…. and I have time on my side!

Here is some rare footage of Dave & Cam auditioning.  Captured on an iPad 2.0 they tell me.

I probably spend too much time on Twitter… but Obama is beginning to get on my nerves.

And George Osborne gave his speech at the Mansion House… and abolished the FSA, gave power to Merv, who is probably now the most powerful central banker in Europe…and he saw that it was good.  I always enjoy chatting to mates on twitter and @ENomates always has something interesting  to say!

As with all tweet grabs… you have to start at the bottom and work up… a bit like life, really.

Emily NoMates asks… has the market found its ‘W’ Bottom?

The FSA will cease to exist in its current form

Selected highlights from Chancellor’s Mansion House speech:

Mansion House speech: Supping with bankers

Guardian: The Tories were always ahead of Labour when it came to reform, but George Osborne has still not gone far enough

I’m like a dog with a bone, sometimes…..

One thought on “Breaking News: Clegg auditions for Britain’s Got Talent – Christmas Special

  1. the thing is clearly to abolish all the useless bodies that have been cluttering up the market and ‘regulating’ stuff and replace them with totally new useless bodies to clutter up the market and regulate stuff.

    the thing i am currently enjoying is the parallel with the early days of blair. although elected as the antidote to thatcher and her immediate followers, his government was so tied in to the tory ways of thinking and being that all their doings were predicated by working around the mighty market.
    now the cam’nclegg show is here they have in turn become so conditioned by new labour ideology that they are looking for ways to regulate and control market forces. the plan is that the bank of england will oversee at a macro level what happens day to day in investment banking (let’s not worry just now that it’s entirely farcical – i mean, read that last sentence again – how on earth are they going to do that?) if they see signs that collective behaviour of the bankers is going to blow us up again they will stop it! (again HOW??? these forces are international and with budgets bigger than the country’s own) this is classic new labour semi-regulation of the ravening beast that is the market.

    but it is amazing that both fresh starts can view the world only through the telescope made by the regime they replaced.

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