Danny Alexander *Telegraphed*… Next please…..!

It seems that Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander, does have practical experienmce after all…. of Capital Gains Tax and is, therefore, ideally suited to overseeing plans to increase CGT for mere mortals.

Talk about Japanese footballers kicking balls into their own goal!

Telegraph article…

The claims appear to undermine repeated claims by Mr Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, that no Lib Dem MP profited from the expenses system.

In the first televised leaders’ debate, Mr Clegg said: “There are MPs who flipped one property to the next, buying property, paid by you, the taxpayer, and then they would do the properties up, paid for by you, and pocket the difference in personal profit.’’

Who’s next?  Clegg?  Nothing would surprise me.


Wrapping Up the Danny Alexander Expenses Story

4 thoughts on “Danny Alexander *Telegraphed*… Next please…..!

  1. I thought the idea that not a single Lib Dem MP had benefitted from the expenses system just seemed to be very hopeful. It’s like Dettol claiming to kill 100% of bacteria.

    This shows the Telegraph must like the Lib Dems though, they must have known that the no Lib Dem MP claim was a nonsense.

  2. james – you couldn’t make it up – fergusson presumably will, though…

    the bitch is in heat again. and a big hello (with an even bigger slap around the chops) to those who predicted a golden age of freedom under the new sleaze-free government. wakey fuckin wakey!

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