F**kART: *LAPIN*! (2010)

LAPIN!  (2010)
Acrylics on canvas board

Lapin is a friend – a surrealist, photographer and voracious reader of books. I thought the PopArt style was about right and based it on a pic she took of herself recently.

I still have to tart up the yellow border colour and sharpen up the highlights and a bit of blue – this I will do when the paint dries

8 thoughts on “F**kART: *LAPIN*! (2010)

  1. Thanks for comments.. the Pic given to me was pretty straightforward to copy… so I can’t claim any artistic insight here, nor would wish to… I did the painting because I liked the pic!

  2. I think you should get the cafe you sit in in Battersea to mount a show for you. We could all come for the opening. Just don’t put too many red stickers up because it could put off the punters.

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