F**kART: Charon Self Portrait… in three colours

Charon Self Portrait (In Three Colours) 2010
Acrylics on canvas board
20 x 16

Charon, with new tache,  goes to a field in a yellow shirt and jeans (and a weird hat)  on a sunny windy day in May and paints a glass of red wine.  That is all.

5 thoughts on “F**kART: Charon Self Portrait… in three colours

  1. Clearly influenced by Van Gough (and/or Rioja). This is wonderful – what a way to spend the day of the Queen’s Speech – and no cyclists in spandex (serious or otherwise) in view.

  2. Blue Green and yellow… white and black I regard as staples… but, yes… a hint of red for the wine…

    definitely influenced by Mr Gogh and took exactly 14.25 minutes… I timed it… wanted to complete in under 15 minutes! I’m like that…sometimes


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