8 thoughts on “Prime Minister in Rochdale telling Pensioner what he really meant

  1. By the way, I actually thought that Mrs Duffy came across as a very decent woman who, in typical style for that area, spoke her mind. She expressed herself well; asked sensible questions of concern to million. She conducted herself with considerable dignity and GB had no good answers to offer.

  2. obiter – Just shows the utter contempt with which New Labour views what it likes to call “ordinary people”.

    or rather, imho, the utter contempt with which the ruling political class views ‘ordinary people’. do we for one second think cameron has any more time for the ghastly electorate?

  3. I thought Mrs Duffy raised a fair point and no-one deserves to be shocked like that on national television.

    I didn’t think she was bigoted… just asking questions which worry people… I don’t think the TV should have broken news to her like that…

    I hope she does make a few quid from the papers.. good luck to her!

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