Blogpost: Breaking News: Gordon Brown says the bigot started in America

I can take no more…. I have phoned the doctor.  The doctor is coming with an injection for me. Gordon Brown today may well have lost Labour the core vote after calling a Labour voter a bigot (A suggestion being made by commentators on Twitter!).  Twitter was ablaze with mockery, derision and ridicule.

Do have a look at this Channel 4 video…


6 thoughts on “Blogpost: Breaking News: Gordon Brown says the bigot started in America

  1. Calm down, Charonqc. He hasn’t lost the core Labour vote or the election. He’s just said what a number of us candidates are tempted to say about a handful of electors who, rightly or wrongly, get on our nerves. For example, a man came to his door when I knocked. I said my spiel. He spotted my independent rosette. He said, ‘Oh, I know, you’re ‘ere for the vo’in’, ain’t yer, we don’t have nothin’ to do the with the vo’in.’ I left him on his doorstep and said – to myself alone and in nobody else’s hearing, ‘What a prat!’

  2. Nothing seems to lose New Labour their core voters in the Rotten Boroughs of the North. If you take a good look at some of these places you would struggle to see just what Labour has done for them.

    Thanks also for the reminder of two of the biggest champagne socialists of all time.

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