Acropolis Now! – I like the smell of drachmas in the morning

While It is rumoured that a number of German politicians are keen for Greece to hand over the Acropolis and several islands in return for help from Germany, there are no immediate plans for  Germans to start governing Crete or any other Greek island again – although it is likely that the Germans and others who assist in the Greek bail out will have a hand in running the Greek basket case economy for some time to come if help is given.

The Guardian, helpfully, are providing a LIVE blog for those of you who want to watch a country collapse as alternative entertainment to the antics of t’parkin eating Clegg and the other politicians who are scrambling for office  to avoid handing our own country over to the IMF shortly after the 6th May.

My favourite image of the election campaign so far is the picture below from BBC Newsnight last night. Gordon Brown was out campaigning, talking to children.  As he did this, a young boy steps in front of the cameras with a ‘Mad as a Box of Frogs’ T-Shirt on.  I could not have wished for a better image to sum up the whole election campaign.  Wonderful.  I wish the young lad well and I have every confidence that he will do well in future if he can pull a stunt like that off at his young age.  Bravo!

Newsnight clip 27.10 minutes in

The young lad didn’t say this…. but I just can’t help myself sometimes.

I do plan to do a Law Review shortly – the Blair Peach issue and other serious matters… until then…

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