Podcast: 20 minutes with The Great Ignored

Today I am talking to The Great Ignored about the political events of our times. It is, it is fair to say, a rather bizarre conversation – but TGI had every right to be heard and I enjoyed talking with him.  He has set up his own police force, plans to stand for election as police chief and is opening a school – a Madrasa, all consistent with Tory aspiration.  I wish him well. We talked about Clegg, Cameron and McDoom and hung parliaments….and…Michael Gove, who was, apparently, on television years ago with David Badiel?  Then I went out for a large drink. Perhaps I should have done the podcast after the large drink?

Listen to the Podcast

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3 thoughts on “Podcast: 20 minutes with The Great Ignored

  1. Anon – a compliment indeed! And, I’m pleased to say no rehearsal at all…. I had absolutely no idea what TGI was going to say!

    I did go for a large one afterwards, though!

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