11 thoughts on “Return of The UNDEAD….

  1. ‘no, i mean, look – that’is where they put the nails, thomas. don’t you see. i’m just a few days early returning but that’s new labour efficiency for you’.
    should have used a bigger bloody stone.

  2. “This is how I had to hold my arms out in the spray tanning booth, I went for California Man Tan, whadya think – gorgeous or what?”

  3. I feel sure that the spirits of many Labour people sank when they saw Blair appear again to remind people of just how remote the Labour Party really is from real people. Do they really need this spectre in soup-kitchen which Britain is in danger of becoming?

  4. Don’t these alleged media guru types check their slogans for photoshop potential beforehand or, come to think of it, watch The Thick of It ?

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