Home Office to ban Meow Meow within days when knees stop jerking

The Home Office is to ban Meow Meow plant food within days. I suspect the net drugbarons are devising some quite different plants food as I type…

…and, as the newspapers are now suggesting, rubbing their hands with glee as they stockpile and wait for the price to rocket for retail on the streets.

4 thoughts on “Home Office to ban Meow Meow within days when knees stop jerking

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  2. Yeah the Home Office cannot actually ban anything at all for a very long time.

    Drug and alcohol services have reported a large number of calls from youngsters using mephedrone (meow meow). But talk of an immediate ban by the Government is highly premature thanks to EU rules which would stall such a move.

    Under the EU Technical Standards and Regulations Directive 98/34/EC the Government has to give the EU at least three months notification before it can change British legislation. I find it disgusting that the substance is already outlawed in many European member states but European law means it is impossible to enforce an immediate ban in the UK.

    Hence they wont be banning anything, simply because they do not have that authority.

  3. 13th spitfire – there will be the usual option to move quicker in the interests of public safety or health; no?

    you d at least have to have some sympathy with the government. they don’t ban it, someone dies, the sun shouts that they are murderers… ho hum. thanks again, mr murdoch – fucking the country in so many new and interesting ways.

    on the subject of the vagaries of the press, the independent has the gap narrowing as a poll shows 51% don’t want brown, 50% don’t like the tories and 38% are hoping for a hung parliament; the male has nobody liking any politicians and the express has fragrant sam cam blooming as tory lead grows. somebody has been at the meow meow.

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